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Increase Power Generation by use of Macmet's Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems

MACMET offers Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems (CTCS) and Debris Filters in technical association with TECHNOS ET COMPAGNIE, France.

TECHNOS is one of the leading suppliers of CTCS and Debris Filters for Power Utilities, Refineries and Process Industries with worldwide supply reference of more than 1000 installations, capacities of the units ranging from 2 MW to 1300 MW.

The continuous cleaning of condensers and heat exchangers maintains their efficiency of heat transfer without mechanical or chemical cleaning of the tubes and without increasing the number of outages.

Cleaning of internal tube surface is accomplished by continuous circulation of sponge rubber balls with sizes slightly larger than the tube diameter. These sponge rubber balls are injected into the cooling water inlet header. The water flow carries these balls into the inlet water boxes, then through the tubes and finally into the ball strainer located at the cooling water outlet header.

From the strainer section, the balls are extracted and pumped through the ball monitor to the ball collector and then to the cooling water inlet header. The ball collector acts as the storage vessel for the sponge rubber balls during backwashing of the strainer grids.

Condenser tube cleaning is necessary as raw water induces different types of fouling which affects the inside of condenser tubes.
  • Settling of suspended materials like silt, mud, slime
  • Biological fouling due to the presence of bacteria / marine organisms in water
  • Crystallization of soluble elements
  • Formation of seashell colonies

Fouling leads to:
  • Corrosion under deposit
  • Corrosion created by the destruction of protective film inside the tubes
  • Reduction in the heat transfer capacity of the condensers

The efficiency of heat transfer in the condensers of steam turbines has a direct effect on the power generation. Experience has shown that a reduction of 1 mbar in the condenser vacuum of a 900 MW power unit leads to a final loss of about 1 MW of power output. An uncleaned condenser can easily lose over 10 mbar vacuum. In such a case the use of a CTCS will increase the power output by more than 10 MW. Hence it is extremely important to maintain the tubes of the condenser as clean as possible using highly efficient and reliable equipment.

MACMET CTCS use patented TECHNOS technology and equipment to ensure complete and efficient cleaning of condenser tubes. When an obstacle is placed perpendicular to a regular flow of fluid, a series of 'Karman' vortexes are generated. The velocity of the first vortex is very high and more than 5 times the on line velocity.

TECHNOS patented equipment utilises the full advantage of these "Karman" vortexes. The vortex chamber design produces and maintains very effective ball circulation in the strainer. This is a considerable improvement over conventional ball strainer design. Due to the high velocity, balls are immediately collected and re-injected in to the condenser inlet. The balls do not remain in the collecting area waiting to find an outlet. The power of the vortex also allows self cleaning of the ball collecting area. This technology has been demonstrated in a test unit where the vortex chamber was filled with stones and gravel. The chamber emptied in two seconds upon starting of water circulation.


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