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Pipe Conveyors

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Recent Projects

World’s longest Pipe Conveyor System, 20.9 km, for carrying iron ore from Nandihalli yard to JSW Plant at Toranagallu, Karnataka.

World’s longest Pipe Conveyor System over the sea – 17.6 km Pipe Conveyor system for ITD Cementation/TANGEDCO at Udangudi.

World’s highest capacity Pipe Conveyor, 7.5 km, for carrying coal from Krishnapatnam Port to Sembcorp Gayatri Power Ltd.

4.8 km Pipe Conveyor for TPCIL, capacity 4000 tons of coal per hour from Krishnapatnam port to power plant.

7 km pipe conveyor to carry 1500 tons of coal per hour from Mines to O. P. Jindal Super Thermal Power Plant in Chhattisgarh.

India's longest EP belting pipe conveyor (2.4 km), for carrying 1000 Tons of Limestone per hour from mines to cement plant, for ACC Ltd. Chanda.

Pipe Conveyor System having capacity to carry 3500 tph of Rock Phosphate for Vale's Miski Mayo project in Peru, South America.

First Pipe Conveyor in India to utilize the return belt for carrying material at JSW, Dolvi - 1.8 km Pipe Conveyor with a pipe dia of 400 mm.

Pipe Conveyors are an environment friendly solution for conveying bulk material with zero spillage. They have the ability to cover difficult terrain which conventional conveyors would find difficult to negotiate.

Pipe conveyors are similar to a conventional belt conveyor at the material receiving area and discharge area. Thereafter the flat belt is slowly shaped to trough belt through transition and carrying idlers. At the end of loading zone, the conveyor belt gradually takes on a pipe formation with the help of variable off set rollers, finger rollers and pipe forming idlers.

The bottom three rollers at the carrying side of a Pipe Conveyor support the belt and material load whereas the top three rollers maintain the belt in its pipe shape. At the horizontal and vertical curved sections, rollers surrounding the belt support the load depending on the direction of the resultant force. The same applies to the bottom or return belt side of the pipe conveyor which may be utilized to transport a second material, thereby reducing capital and operating cost.

Development of suitable high resilient flexible belting has acted as a catalyst for the growth and popularity of pipe conveyor installations for several industries.

Pipe Conveyer's advantages over conventional conveyors:

  • Enclosed, clean and environment friendly transportation eliminating spillage, scattering and return dropping of materials.
  • Non-exposure to atmosphere resulting in retention of material properties.
  • Curvature possible in both horizontal and vertical planes associated with steeper angle of inclination.
  • Option of transporting second material through the return side pipe of the system.
  • Overall savings in space requirement, structural and foundation cost.