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Shuttle Conveyors, Belt Trippers & Travelling Hoppers

Shuttle Conveyors

MACMET supplies shuttle conveyors for building up longitudinal storage stockpiles or for loading silos through top floor opening. Shuttle conveyors are reversible belt conveyors mounted on a movable carriage.

Belt Trippers

MACMET manufactures belt trippers, either fixed or travelling type with one/two/three way chutes, used for intermittent side discharge of material from the belt conveyor.

Belt trippers are commonly used for discharging material either to a number of downstream conveyors and other handling equipment or to storage bunkers with feed opening at floor level. Travelling trippers are provided with bunker sealing devices.

Travelling Hoppers

Travelling hoppers are used for transfer of material associated with short period intermediate storage. The hopper is mounted on a fabricated bogie provided with independent long travel drive. A dust suppression system is provided to arrest the emitting dust generated during transfer of material for protecting the surrounding environment.

Material reclaimed from storage yards or unloaded from ships and barges is discharged to the downstream conveyor using traveling hoppers. Travelling hoppers move on rails alongside the storage yard and unloading bay to receive material. For regulated discharge of materials, hoppers are equipped with feeders at the bottom.

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